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We have the greatest qualified virtual assistant here at the Virtualasting company for you. Deanvee Madriaga is a skilled member of our virtual staff. He possesses all the abilities required to assist you. He is one of our top trainee. He is thus equally adept at performing administrative work as our other skilled virtual assistant.

Time is precious. I'm incredibly good at time management. You won't ever experience a problem with deadlines.

For my clients, I'll always be available. They receive rapid responses to their worries and inquiries, usually within 24 hours.

You are getting a polite, courteous, and determined individual.

I want to minimize your workload so you may have a balanced life while simultaneously assisting you in growing your business.



Virtually no one can go a day without checking their news feed. Allow me to assist you in managing your social media sites using my exact method of social media marketing. I can help you create your brand and reach out to your ideal consumers.

Marketing Calendar

Here is my to-do list and everything that needs to be done when managing a social media account.

Social Media Strategy

We can't just throw things up without a plan. Here, I will outline my precise strategy for targeting a specific market.

Social Media Pages

Here are some of the pages I am currently in charge of.


Engaging information regarding your product should be used to pique the attention of your market.


A product article should provide all of the information about your product to individuals who prefer to read. Click "Article Writing" to see an example of an article I wrote for a client's blog.


Everything is packed into a brief video shot without the use of a camera. Apps like Powtoon and Canva make this feasible. Click "Video Ads" to view a YouTube video I created for a customer with Canva.


I can create listings. I can also assist you by phoning property sellers and setting up appointments for you with them. I can also create the calling cards, brochures, and posters.


Calling cards quickly evolved into necessary social accessories for the affluent and fashionable, serving as status symbols as well as functional items.


A brochure is a common marketing tool used to advertise a service or product offering


A flyer is typically a single, unfolded printed sheet used to promote an occasion, service, good, or concept. Typically, a flyer contains a brief, easily understood message.

Here’s how I call a potential property seller to schedule a meeting. I tried to be as chatty and soft-spoken as I could to avoid intimidating the clients. I also made sure to keep it brief so we wouldn’t hog too much of their time. If we make it too long, I think people won’t like it. Click “Appointment Setter” for the audio.

Here is an illustration of a listing I created. Click "Listing" for the google sheet.

Affiliate and Email Marketing

Information can now be found online in all forms – creators can offer this freely. Aside from helping and informing people, this can generate revenue through Affiliate and Email Marketing

Using carefully targeted and written emails to advertise products is known as email marketing. If you want, I can use Mailchimp to promote your product.

We will both profit from this because I can use your social media pages to promote an affiliate link from your Amazon store. I am familiar with using affiliate links for Amazon, Shopee, Lazada, and many other merchants.

Process Automation

Nowadays, we expect everything to be instant. Optimize the way you do business through these automation options.

I can assist you in incorporating this tool so that it can also collect data on your target market and automatically add that information to a Google Sheet.

We could use automated chat using meta, but chatbot and manychat are more practical. I can assist you in integrating your Facebook page with a tool that can gather demographic data on your target audience with just a click of the messenger button.

Demographic Information Recording

These days, it's crucial to build and manage websites and click funnels. WordPress and ClickFunnels can be made by me to promote your goods or services online.

You can host and create websites using the content management system (CMS) known as WordPress. WordPress has a template system and a plugin architecture, so I can modify any website to fit your company, blog, portfolio, or online store. A WordPress example is the website I use for my portfolio.

Essentially, ClickFunnels is a tool for creating high-converting websites and sales funnels on the internet. I can assist business owners with lead generation, product sales, and everything in between. I have the ability to build websites, generate leads, close deals, expand email lists, and establish brands. Click the photo for a sample.


With the help of the subscription-based software Shopify, anyone can create an online store and sell their goods. You can count on me for assistance with product sourcing, shop design, customer service, and product listing.


When you have steady sales and need to focus on something else, you can hire a virtual assistant like me.

When it comes to product research, I am interested in studying new products that have the potential to become popular. I am also skilled at using alibaba to locate manufacturers and comparing its wholesale price to that of Amazon. Click the photo for a google sheet with my product research.

Deanvee Madriaga's Interview

My initial interview is posted here because I've already met the requirements to work for Virtualasting.

VAU: Mr. Deanvee Madriaga, our intern, receives our initial approval.

Urcy Dave Blaya Training Manager

Deanvee is one of our top virtualasting trainees. He is so excited to learn that he messages me personally at midnight regarding his assignments. He is obsessed with creating projects and ensuring their quality. I saw promise in him and believed he might become an excellent virtual assistant.

Nyl Aron Detuyato Recruitment manager

I am one of the trainers in charge of training the batch of Deanvee. He was one of the few standout trainees. We observed how much time and work he puts in. Even though he is now employed, he completes his projects on time.