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My name is Cora, and some of my friends called me CorZ. I’m currently working as a part-time ESL teacher for about two years now. I discovered this great opportunity online as a Virtual Assistant during pandemic times wherein hybrid working set-up is a trend. It felt so rewarding on my part to help clients grow their businesses in different places in the world.  I was working as an IT  in one of the biggest shopping malls in our city eight years ago.  My task are fixing inventory issues in their computerized system, printing sales reports, and providing PowerPoint for corporate meetings. I love working remotely and helping my client to do tasks that they can’t able to do.  My niches are data mining, E-commerce, Email marketing, social media marketing, and web page management. With the training which I underwent here at Virtual Assistant University(VAU), I am certain and confident about the task I just mentioned above. I am so excited to start working with you!


Time is equal to money. I’ll make sure I won’t waste it


I’ll make sure to double-check my task before submitting it to avoid mistakes.


Set a goal and mark the calendar. I’ll make sure to organize it using Trello to meet the deadline.


I always keep myself motivated and focus on the task.


Fb ads

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Facebook ads is an online advertisements that are created and published on the Facebook platform to be targeted to its users. It is a  type of display ad and can only be seen by the platform’s users who have been selected using Facebook’s targeting tools.

Does it work?

Difinitely yes,  Facebook ads have a high level of audience targeting, the number of users on the platform, and analytical insights. Through successful iteration and experimentation — combined with a good strategy — brands can see a positive return on investment from Facebook ads


Product listing
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We Offer
Lead Generation

Arrange appointments and search for potential clients using ads and social media marketing.


Can assist with product listing and research, creating a Shopify account, or managing any of your E-commerce platforms like Amazon.

Graphic Design

Creating visual content for your ads or social media post using Canva


Boost your e-mail campaign by creating catchy content using Mailchimp.


Setting appointments and confirmation, calendar management, and creating flyers and business cards for potential customers.


Copywriting, creating social media strategies, organizing events to boost audiences and convert them into sales


Automate replies for frequently asked questions by the customers using Manychat or Chatfuel.


Planning and designing your website using wordpress.

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